Popular Questions​

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions that have come up from customers over the years. See below for our FAQ.

  1. ‘Off the rack’ means ready-made. That suit’s just hanging on a rack waiting for you to buy it. For most people, this will work fine – and you’ll find the best deals here.
  2. ‘Custom’ or ‘made to measure’ means it’s made to fit your measurements out of different pre-cut pieces. This is a great option if you’re hard to fit.
  3. ‘Bespoke’ means it’s made from scratch to your exact specifications. You speak, and your tailor listens. For your first suit – ignore bespoke. Bespoke suits are a work of art, but they’re much higher in price.

Quick answer, it’s all about the tailoring. Our tailors will be able to customize your garments to fit your specific body type and identify specifics like cut, slim fit vs. loose fit, etc.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it will depend on how much customization the client is looking for. Some alterations are more minimal than others. Providing visuals is a great way to help our tailors understand exactly what you are looking for.

More often than not, attempting to make changes to a suit can be somewhat challenging. Our suggestion is to speak to the tailor first to see what changes can be made and assess from there.

Always ensure that the cuff of your jacket sits no lower than the base of your palm and no higher than your wrist bone. With your trousers a good rule of thumb is to ensure that the hem kisses the top of the shoe without a break.

One of our Suits ”U” store associates will be happy to measure you so we can identify your ideal sizes.

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